Security Solutions

It is estimated that many 10’s of millions of security cameras have been installed worldwide, recording a staggering amount of video around the clock (well over a hundred billion hours of video a year in the US alone).  Video surveillance has become a critical component of the security infrastructure for both commercial and government organizations.  Unfortunately, traditional video management systems are not well suited to help make sense of the data collected, and significant manpower resources are needed to navigate, track, and make use of this material in an effective and timely way.  The automatic analysis of video has become the “make or break” ingredient in this regard.  This capability is often missing, and it is desperately needed in most security applications.

If you are concerned with the cost, speed, and accuracy of your video investigative work, whether it be forensic in nature or dealing with live video situations,   then you should consider piXserve as a “must-have” solution.

To read more about what piXserve can do in your environment, please download this article:  Video Surveillance — A piXlogic White Paper