Broadcasting and Media Solutions

Digital media is the lifeblood of broadcasting businesses.  Whether the TV broadcaster is dealing with live sports, entertainment, news, studio production or general content management for publishing and play-out purposes, timely access to the material throughout its life-cycle is a key success factor for the organization.  Current Digital Asset Management systems manage metadata about each video, but this metadata is, for the most part, created and input manually.  This can be expensive at scale, and the results can be error prone and inconsistent.

piXserve’s computer analysis of video can fill the “metadata-gap” by generating useful and detailed descriptions of video contents automatically, and without human intervention.  piXserve will help you address a range of needs in your organization:

  • Help your production staff search and retrieve video sequences stored in your archive more accurately and at a fraction of the cost it used to take.  You will see reuse go up, costs go down, and take less time to complete a finished product.  You will increase the productivity of your assets (revenue generated per hour of video created), something that both your shareholders and your CFO will much appreciate.  It will give your staff a chance to focus on their true value-add, rather than spending their time sifting through “stuff” to find what they need.
  • Help your advertising staff create opportunities for product placement, as well as validate past placements.
  • Help your audience find they programs they want to watch on your web-site.

For additional information, please download the following document: Broadcast Applications –  A piXlogic White Paper

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