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Images and videos are becoming an increasingly important element in the workflow of most enterprises.  Historically, firms have viewed visual media as “assets” that needed to be carefully managed and organized throughout their life-cycle in order to support various usage activities.  For the most part this involved manually adding metadata to describe the contents of the “asset” so that it could be retrieved/categorized, much as a librarian would.  Without this metadata (keywords and related “taxonomies”) the material is not searchable and “if you can’t find it, you can’t use it”, with all the business consequences that situation entails.  Unfortunately, the cost of adding metadata manually is expensive, slow, and cumbersome, so only “assets” deemed to be “most valuable” could be handled this way.

Over the last several years, the problem has continued to escalate with the growth in the volume of media that enterprises have to deal with.  Content is growing from a broad range of sources, and while it is important enough to be of significance to the enterprise, it cannot be managed in the traditional sense.  The diversity, volume, and breadth of sources of this content is a significant challenge to traditional content management/digital asset management systems.  The net result is that today the vast majority of content has essentially no metadata associated with it, so unless a person knows where it is, what it is, and how it relates to other things, the material is essentially “dark”.  Organizations incur the cost of storing this material, but do not enjoy the benefits of its value.  Worse, in situations that involve litigation, there are also risks associated with not knowing that the material exists somewhere in the enterprise.

Going forward, things will only get more complex.  The image/video capabilities of mobile devices is increasing at a healthy pace.  Cell phones and other portable devices are making everyone a broadcaster of visual information.  We are using pictures and videos not only to communicate but also to document.  The trend is clear.  In the communication/documentation arena, pictures and videos are taking center-stage and there is little hope for traditional content management methods to keep up.

By providing a comprehensive set of automatic indexing, searching, aut0-tagging, and alerting capabilities, piXserve has become an indispensable tool in many enterprise and government environments.  Whether you are a small workgroup or a large enterprise, there is a version of piXserve that addresses your needs.

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