Retail and Marketing Solutions

piXserve’s ability to recognize objects in pictures/videos makes it possible to mine visual data for the purposes of analyzing information about shoppers and consumers both online and in a physical store.  For example, piXserve can recognize products on the shelves of retail stores and supermarkets.  The software can scan through pictures/videos taken in the store, and recognize the specific product on display on the shelves.  piXserve generates a report detailing the location and counts for each product.  In turn, this information can be correlated to Point of Sale data, and together the data allows very detailed analysis of sales/promotional campaigns and their effectiveness.  Retailers and manufacturers alike can analyze data accrued over time, and better understand variations in store-to-store performance, and how to better plan displays and promotional materials.  piXserve-based solutions of this type have already been used by piXlogic customers.  The object recognition performance of the piXlogic software has been outstanding in these applications.  In order to cope with the tens of thousands of products to be checked for in a typical implementation, piXlogic recommends using the GPU-accelerated version of the software.

For additional information please download the following document:  piXserve solutions for retailers, advertisers, and manufacturers of consumer products – a piXlogic White Paper.

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