Defense Solutions

Images and videos have always been key elements of intelligence and defense operations.  In recent years, the scope and diversity of digital imagery has greatly increased in every area: ground, satellite, UAV, surveillance, broadcast, etc.  The volume of material being acquired and stored is staggering, with no visible plateau in sight.  Traditional methods of organizing, cataloging, and distributing this material to analysts and the war-fighter are becoming impractical due to the scale involved.  On the other hand, timely access to nuggets of vital information contained in images/videos is key to operational success. The ability to cross-correlate the information, whether it’s being obtained from live sources or from archived repositories, is more important than ever.
In this environment, image/video search and retrieval has become the new “must have” element of any comprehensive solution.  Unfortunately, today’s image/video management systems are not well suited to help make sense of the data collected, and can only provide, at best, very limited search and retrieval capabilities.  piXlogic’s products have demonstrated their applicability and value in a variety of settings.  For additional information, please download this document:  Defense Applications – A piXlogic White Paper.

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