Web Services API

The piXserve™ Web Services API has been designed to allow the acceess to piXserve functionality from third party applications.  If you are a customer operating a web site and wish to provide some of the piXserve features to your users without exposing the full piXserve interface, the Web Services API is for you.  If you are a systems integrator and are building custom solutions for your customers and want to incorporate image and video search functionality in your deliverables, the Web Services API is for you.  If you are building a stack of cloud services and want to integrate piXserve for internal or commercial use, the Web Services API is also for you.

The piXserve Web-Service API is based on a REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture.  It is stateless and utilizes simple HTTP methods such as POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, for implementation.  Simply described, the third-party application makes a call to a running piXserve server and receives a response.  The call comprises the IP address of the piXserve server, the login credentials, the name of the call and parameters if any.  piXserve then returns an XML that can be parsed by the calling application for further processing (for example to display results in a custom UI, or for further processing and merging in the third-party application).

The piXserve Web-Service API is extensive, and gives access to all of the functionality available through piXserve’s own user interface.  A separate API is available for each version of piXserve (Web, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Alert, and Elastic Cloud Standard).  The API package comprises a set of documents, a license, technical support, and training.  Please contact piXlogic for additional information.