DI2E PlugFest and Mashup 2013

The Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) Framework is managed by the US Department of Defense to provide access to cloud-based analytic tools used by government and international partner personnel engaged in defense, intelligence, counterintelligence and security activities.

This year’s DI2E PlugFest and Mashup event took place on May 20, 2013 in Fairfax, VA.  The event showcased several technologies which were assessed for conformance to the DI2E Framework by the event organizers.  The “mashup” portion of the event assessed the ease with which different applications could interoperate and exchange data through cloud services and within the DI2E Framework.

piXlogic participated in the event with its partner, the Cloud Front Group, and garnered top honors (4 Gold Stars) by demonstrating compliance with the DI2E Framework requirements and interoperability with several other cloud-based products on the network.

The piXserve software was deployed on the DI2E cloud, and made available to the community through the Ozone Widget Framework.  For the purposes of the event, piXserve processed video from live sources and from archived files, creating a searchable index of their contents (people, objects, text strings, scenes, etc.), and automatically tagging certain items of specific interest to analysts.  The standard piXserve UI was used to serve search results to users, while other application software packages interacted with piXserve through its REST-based Web Services API.


— top right:  piXserve running on the DI2E Operations Center
— bottom:  John Mackay (CFG) accepts piXlogic’s 4 Gold Stars award.