Providing best-in-class visual search solutions and an unparalleled level of search functionality.

piXlogic is a privately held software technology company located in Los Altos, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. piXlogic has created pioneering software that automatically analyzes and searches images and videos based on their visual content. piXlogic’s award winning software, piXserve, is used by government and commercial organizations worldwide.

piXlogic is an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, an organization that serves the needs of the US Intelligence Community.

The piXlogic software solves fundamental problems faced by enterprises and government organizations for whom pictures and videos are an important part of their workflows. In a single product, piXserve embodies a broad range of functionality: automatic descriptive metadata creation; object recognition, text recognition, face recognition, scene recognition, auto-tagging, and alerting. Each of these features individually defines and moves forward the state-of-the-art. The combination of these features in an enterprise-class, scalable, software package, with a modern UI that allows for a great deal of communication between the user, the software, and the image/video, creates a compelling and unique solution.