Image and Video analysis at scale for defense and intelligence workflows

Images and videos have always been key to the mission of intelligence and defense communities. The range is broad, covering not only specially acquired material, but also open source data. The number and type of use-cases is also diversified. The requirements for image and video analytics in this world are sophisticated and challenging.

piXserve extends the capabilities of today’s systems by adding the advanced analytical capabilities covering real time and archival sources. piXserve supports many special requirements of organizations in the defense and intelligence space. For example, piXserve has the ability to work with large geospatial images, including the ability to connect to back-end Wide Area Motion Imagery servers. Video in a variety of formats can be processed, whether archived or coming from live streams. Text recognition covers a broad spectrum of languages and character sets. piXserve works at scale, and is available for deployment in private networks as well as in private, secure clouds.

Please contact piXlogic for additional information on how your specific requirements can be served.