Special Offer -- 100GB Free

piXserve for your next E-Discovery project

If you are engaged in E-Discovery, you know how cumbersome and time consuming the process can be when the content involves multimedia formats. Yet, pictures and videos can often be a key factor in litigation proceedings, government investigations, Freedom of Information Act requests, or any situation involving electronically stored information. With piXserve you can go through this material automatically, to help you discover and correlate content quickly and efficiently. The software can detect and recognize faces, objects, scenes, text string that may appear on the image/video frame. When the volume of data is large, the level of automation that piXserve can bring to the table can make your work that much more productive and economical.

We are saying thank you for participating in LegalWeek 2019 by offering first time customers free use of piXserve to process 100GB of image/video files in their next E-Discovery project. We will set up an Amazon machine instance that you can access to load your customer data and let piXserve go through it. You will receive technical support and explore piXserve's search capabilities for 30 days. You will be able to export your results and put them to use in your billable customer project.

This offer is available to the first 10 qualified respondents. To respond, click here or send an e-mail to jcoons@ piXlogic.com.