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Current AMI's

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piXserve-Standard Edition, piXserve-Professional Edition, and piXserve Enterprise Edition for Amazon EC2 can be leased hourly with your Amazon Web Services account.

Click hereto be redirected to the Amazon Web Services portal and reserve your piXserve-ECs, piXserve-ECp, or piXserve-ECe Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). You can choose between Windows and Linux versions.

Current AMI’s:

piXserve-ECs (Gov. License) ami-a894cebf p2.xlarge
piXserve-ECp (Gov. License) ami-7496cc63 p2.xlarge
piXserve-ECe (Gov. License) ami-5b93c94c p2.xlarge
piXserve-ECs (Commercial License) ami-ba97cdad p2.xlarge
piXserve-ECp (Commercial License) ami-a094ceb7 p2.xlarge
piXserve-ECe (Commercial License) ami-3c94ce2b p2.xlarge

*note: You can change the instance-type when you are ready to launch the AMI.

Release Notes
Releases based on Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions. A Web Services API license can be purchased separately if needed.

Getting Started
Instructions for how to set up your instances of piXserve-ECs/p/e are provided in this Getting Started document.