piXsearch Web-Services API

A Powerful, Comprehensive, REST-based Web-Services API

piXsearch is a REST based Web-Services API that is both comprehensive and easy to use.  For example, the standard piXserve html-5 user interface (both for desktops and for mobile devices) consumes the piXsearch API.  Every button, every action is backed by a corresponding API call. 

Customers have used the piXsearch API to integrate the piXserve capabilities in their internal workflow applications.  They have done so using a range of computer languages (java, javascript, python, C++, FLEX, etc.).  piXsearch uses standard GET and POST calls to communicate with external programs, and the process is simple.  From the calling application one provides the IP address and login credentials of the piXserve server that one is connecting to.  This establishes a session, that is maintained by the calling app.  After that, one provides the name of the call, parameters if any, and piXserve returns an XML (or JSON) that can be easily parsed for use in the external workflow.

Customer can purchase a license to the piXsearch API, which comes in a 2-node version and an unlimited-node version for piXserve-E, piXserve-P, and piXserve-S.  The license comes with technical support from piXlogic who will work with your developers to answer questions and provide suggestions on best-practice implementation approaches.

Please contact piXlogic for additional information.