Los Altos, CA, USA – June 20, 2020  --    piXlogic has announced today that version 9.6 of its award-winning software, piXserve, is now available for general release.  This update affects all versions of piXserve (Workgroup, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Cloud, Hadoop Clusters).  The Workgroup edition, continues to be made available for Microsoft Windows operating systems, while all the others target the CENTOS 7 Linux operating system.

piXserve 9.6 contains many new features and improvements.  For example, clustered summaries of the contents of databases you create are now available for "on-the-fly" inspection.  This feature is available for faces. objects, text strings, and gps locations.  You can now also process text and images embedded in standard document types such as pdf's, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.  This is in addition to the over 100 image/video formats supported by piXserve.  More indexing options have also been made available in this version of piXserve in order to allow users to better manage their hardware resources.  It is now possible to choose whether all is to be indexed for, or only faces, only objects, only text strings for faster processing.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, piXserve now also automatically detects the presence of face masks on people.  This feature can be useful in demonstrating compliance with applicable corporate or government policies, and can also help law enforcement applications.

piXserve is available for deployment on customer premises, under their full control.  The customer determines what data sources are to be processed, and who can access the software and the data.  Privacy concerns are ameliorated as there are no third parties involved in the process.  The software can also be deployed on private/public clouds, also under full customer control.  Once installed, piXserve can be accessed via a web-browser interface (desktops and mobile devices are supported), which has also been updated and improved.  Access control is defined by the customer based on their internal policiies.

We are excited about the new capabilities included in this latest version of the software and what it can do to help your operations.  We invite you to contact us to arrange for a private walkthrough demonstration and obtain more information about this important tool.

We also encourage all customers to update to this latest version.  To obtain a copy, please contact technical support.  To learn more about piXserve and how it can help your organization, please contact piXlogic