Los Altos, CA, USA – September 12, 2018  --    piXlogic has announced today version 9.5 of its award-winning software, piXserve, is now available for general release.  This update affects all versions of piXserve (Workgroup, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Cloud, Hadoop Clusters).  The Workgroup edition, continues to be made available for Microsoft Windows operating systems, while all the others target the CENTOS 7 Linux operating system.

piXserve 9.5 contains many new features and improvements in the areas of face recognition, object detection, and text recognition.  For example, faces rotated 00-3600 in the image plane (x,y) can now be detected and recognized accurately.  Profiles faces can be matched.  Face sizes as small as roughly 18 pixels can now be detected.  Up to 100 faces can be detected in an image.  In other areas, the number of objects automatically regognized by the software has also increaded.  Additional metadata describing the appearance of the detected object is captured and stored.  This supports more accurate and specific search criteria. Text recognition has been extended to now cover more than 90 languages and a broader range of character sets.

We encourage all customers to update to this latest version.  To obtain a copy, please contact technical support.  To learn more about piXserve and how it can help your organization, please contact piXlogic