Image and Video Search Solutions for the Enterprise

Image and Video Search for the Enterprise

piXserve [Image and Video Search Solutions for the Enterprise]

CIO Review 2015

piXlogic is recognized as a Top 20 Solution Provider

CIO Review 2015 [piXlogic is recognized as a Top 20 Solution Provider]

Cloud Services

Run piXserve on EC2 and VMWare Clouds

We have partnered with Amazon and VMWare to offer cloud versions of piXserve, our award-winning software

Cloud Services [Run piXserve on EC2 and VMWare Clouds]

2013 DI2E

piXserve garners top honors

2013 DI2E [piXserve garners top honors]

KM World

2012 Top 100 Companies

piXlogic is recognized as a leader in the field

KM World [2012 Top 100 Companies]


Rapid Dissemination of UAV Video

piXlogic, Saratoga-Data, and Cloud Front Group team to demonstrate compelling solution at TNT-SOCOM

TNT-2012 [Rapid Dissemination of UAV Video]

piXlogic provides visual search solutions that automatically analyze, index, and tag the contents of images and videos, providing an unparalleled level of search functionality to the Enterprise.

Automatically index and search your image and video repositories, live video feeds, and internet content .  Integrate piXserve’s search and auto-tagging functionality in your Enterprise workflow.
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kfpiXserve automatically generates metadata and tags that help you search and categorize multimedia content.  piXserve recognizes specific objects, faces, and text on the image or video.
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awardwinningpiXserve is proven, enterprise-class software, used by customers with demanding image and video search requirements, and recognized by industry as best-in-class.
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