The piXserve-ALERT software resides on its own server and interacts with other piXserve computer on the customer network.  With piXserve‐ALERT, users can create a search query and convert it to an alert criteria.  piXserve‐ALERT keeps track of what piXserve machines are indexing in near real time (broadcast video programs, security videos, web‐crawls, etc.) and when a match is made an e‐mail with a link is sent to the user. The user clicks on the link in the e‐mail and piXserve displays the image/video‐segment that has the content of interest.  From the standard piXserve user interface, users can manage their alerts, share them with other members of their organization, review a history of triggers for each alert, create new ones, delete old ones, etc.

piXserve-ALERT also generates a message that can be picked up by third party applications (via the Java Messaging Service).  Messages can be used to trigger actions by other software programs (start to record, send a notification, close a door, etc.).  The third party application simply connects to the message store via TCP/IP and picks up new messages that have been added to the cue.

piXserve-ALERT has been designed for scalability in order to handle large volumes of alerts from large populations of users.  Please contact us to learn more about the product and to discuss your needs and requirements.