piXserve-ECe, piXserve-ECp, piXserve-ECs


Amazon Elastic Cloud Services   piXlogic has teamed with Amazon Web Services to make piXserve available to customers through a convenient On-Demand service. This utility-based service model allows you the convenience and flexibility to “pay-as-you-go” and scale your piXserve deployment based on current need. Amazon Web Services provides a secure and robust infrastructure, complete with an easy to use billing and payment service. Take advantage of the power and flexibility of piXserve-Elastic Cloud Standard Edition (piXserve-ECs), Elastic Cloud Professional Edition (piXserve-ECp), and Elastic Cloud Enterprise Edition (piXserve-ECe) .

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Click here to use piXserve for Amazon EC2 with your Amazon Web Services account.  Note that an Amazon Web Services account is needed to use piXserve-ECs/ECp/ECe.


  • No up-front capital investment
  • No long-term contract
  • No minimum number of server instances
  • No cost for future software upgrades
  • Add/delete piXserve-ECs/p/e instances and pay only for instance-time, data transfer and data storage used

Getting Started

piXserve-ECs is based on the Standard Edition of piXserve and is well suited for organizations/workgroups that have large repositories of images in their intranet, as well as some video files. piXserve-ECp is based on the Professional Edition of piXserve, and is ideal for organizations/workgroups that deal with large video repositories and live video feeds.  piXserve-ECe is based on the Enterprise Edition of piXserve, and is fully featured.  The applications are packaged as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). Each AMI instance comprises a self contained unit running piXserve either in a Windows 2012 or above Server virtual machine (x64 version) or a Linux Centos 7 or above Server virtual machine (x64) . GPU based instances are reccommended.  You can also attach Elastic Block Storage units for as much capacity as you wish. You can load your images and video files to your EBS storage devices, and point your instance of piXserve to index the material and serve search results to your users. You can launch a single instance of a piXserve AMI, or multiple instances in parallel. In the latter case they can work independently or configured as a group for load balancing purposes. You can set up your instances to “auto-scale” dynamically as the load increases. A Web-Service API is available to help you integrate piXserve-ECs into your workflow environment.

Instructions for how to set up your instances of piXserve-ECs are provided in piXserve-ECs Getting Started document.

Latest AMIs

The most recent piXserve-ECs/p/e AMIs are found at this Support page.